Rising Stars

Detroit’s Andre Drummond was playing like none other last night and gave team Hill a 142-136 victory over team Webber. Drummond scored a total of 30 points and had a Rising Stars Challenge-record setting 25 rebounds. Grant Hill (General Manager) encouraged the team before the game by advising them to play like Denver’s Kenneth Faried. Faried had 40 points and 10 rebounds and MVP honors last year. Drummond obviously took the message to heart, his 25 rebounds included 14 offensive rebounds. Assistant coach McMillan was quoted saying “Drummond had in his mind that he was going to go out and play the game hard,…Every rebound that came off the board, he wanted. A few of them he took from his teammates, but I liked his aggressiveness.” Drummond averages a 41% from the free throw line and went 6 for 8 last light. At the end of it all he got to hoist the MVP trophy. Drummond dropped the trophy. The trophy comes in to peaces Drummond grabbed the top part sending the bottom half to the floor. “It happened last year, too, so I wasn’t expecting anything less,” Drummond said. “Usually a slip-up happens every year with the trophy. So I wasn’t too shocked about that.”


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